Kitchen Sink Fried Rice


1.) If you don’t already have cooked rice, do that first. Here I’m using a mix of black and brown rice (a little healthier than white rice), but any rice works! Then chop up all your veggies into fairly small pieces so they can cook quick.


2.) While chopping your vegetables start heating up your pan on medium/medium-high with some oil. (I used coconut oil) Then throw all your veggies to sauté, and try to get a nice golden brown sear on them.


3.) Next dump your rice in the pan and continue to mix it up every so often so that nothing burns, or the rice doesn’t stick to the pan. While your doing this, crack an egg into a bowl and whisk it up. At this point you can also grate some ginger into the pan.


4.) After about a minute or so of having the rice in the pan, create a little ring with the rice and veggies. You’re going to pour your egg into this space so that it can get a more even cook.


5.) After your egg starts to scramble on the bottom, you can try flipping it to cook the other side, or get messy like me and just turn over whatever parts you can get. It’s fine if it touches the rice, it’s all gonna end up in your mouth in a few minutes anyways.


6.) Lastly pour about a tablespoon of soy sauce over it and give it one last mix.


7.) Add some salt and pepper, and maybe more soy sauce if you want it, then dig in.:)

Kitchen Sink Fried Rice (Total Time: 10 minutes if you already have leftover rice. Serves 1)

This is basically carb city with all the veggies and rice, but fairly healthy none the less. If you are trying to load up on carbs this would be a much better option than Spaghetti and Meatballs. I like this recipe because it’s pretty impossible to mess up. If you can use a knife without cutting off your fingers, and can successfully use a pan, you are set! It’s also super customizable. If you have leftover rice and any fresh or frozen vegetables, it will probably end up tasting good. I’ve even made it with leftover barbecue ribs before and it was amazing. Also note that though I say it serves one, that is one very hungry person.


1/4 cup squash

1/4 cup frozen edamame or peas

1/4 cup red peppers

1 steamed or microwaved carrot

1 cup of cooked black rice (any rice works)

1 egg

1 clove of garlic

1 teaspoon ginger shavings

1 small spoonful of coconut oil

1 teaspoon soy sauce


1: First wash your carrot and then cut it length wise into quarters, wrap it in a paper towel, and microwave it for 2 minutes

2: After you take your carrot out, you can finely chop all of your veggies. The smaller pieces the better.

3: Heat up a pan with coconut oil on medium/medium-high heat.

4: Next throw you veggies in the pan and stir them around until they get a light sear, and are golden brown in color.

5: Add your rice to the pan, continue to stir occasionally for about two minutes.

6: Whisk your egg in a separate bowl.

7: Create a circle with you rice and veggie mix so that there is a bare hole in the middle of the pan. Then pour you egg into the center. Leave your egg here until the bottom is cooked and lightly golden, then attempt to flip it. If it doesn’t flip, you can just break it up and spread it around so that all parts of the egg get cooked.

8: Mix everything together in the pan, then grate in about a  teaspoon of frozen ginger. If you don’t have ginger, it won’t ruin the recipe. If you have fresh ginger you can chop it up and add that. In addition to the ginger add your soy sauce and mix it in.

9: Add some salt and pepper and eat!

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