Whipped Curry Hummus


1.) Pour your aquafaba (bean “juice”) into a jar, then rinse your beans off. Get out the rest of your ingredients.


2.) Dump everything except the aquafaba into a food processor. Add a few tablespoons of water while blending until the hummus becomes smooth.


3.) In a separate bowl, whip up your aquafaba on high. This takes a few minutes so be patient. Once stiff peaks are formed, it is done.


4.) Spoon a few large spoonfuls of aquafaba into your hummus. Gently fold in the aquafaba with a rubber spatula. Keep folding until you can’t see any more white, and the hummus has lightened in color.


5.) Sprinkle on a dusting of curry powder, salt, and olive oil for the aesthetic. Enjoy!


Whipped Curry Hummus (Total Time: 12 minutes, Serves: 6-8)

Making hummus is simple enough, but making creamy hummus is a bit of a different story. If you have the time and patience to soak your chickpeas and peel the skin off of each one, that’s great, you can use a recipe like that. If you don’t feel like doing that much manual labor, but you still want creamy hummus, my recipe is for you!

For a while I kept making hummus without peeling the skins, and every time it was too chunky and could not compete with store brands. I got tired of my crusty hummus sitting in the fridge getting uneaten, so I decided to try something semi-bizarre. I began by making my usual hummus, then I added curry powder to make things even less boring, then I added aquafaba! (For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s just the leftover liquid in a can of beans whipped up into stiff peaks.) It sounds weird, I know, but the fluffy cloud of hummus it makes is worth it!


1 can of garbanzo beans

Juice from 1/2 a lemon

1/4 cup tahini

1/3 cup olive oil

3 tbsp curry powder*

large sprinkle of salt


1/2 the liquid from the can of beans

*If you don’t have pre-mixed curry powder, use 1/2 of this recipe: https://minimalistbaker.com/diy-curry-powder/


1: Start by pouring the liquid from your can of garbanzo beans into a container. Next rinse of your beans, then juice your lemon.

2: In a food processor combine everything except the liquid from the can of beans and the water. Begin processing everything; gradually add in a few tablespoons of water until the mixture is smooth and the chunks are gone.

3: In a separate bowl, pour in the liquid from a can of beans. Whip this up with an electric mixer until stiff white peaks have formed. This takes a while (usually a minimum of 5 minutes) so be patient. If you’ve every made whipped cream or meringue, it should look like that!

4: Fold in 3 large spoonfuls of your whipped up aquafaba into your hummus with a rubber spatula. Be gentle while folding this in, if you’ve ever folded in whipped cream to make chocolate mousse, this is the same concept. Once your hummus has lightened in color, and no white is left, you are done! Store this in the refrigerator with a piece of plastic wrap touching the top of the hummus. This helps the hummus stay moist.

5: Enjoy!

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