No Mess Mug Cake


1.) Get out your 6 ingredients!


2.) Mash 1/2 a banana in a 1 cup sized ramekin, small mug, or bowl.


3.) Mix in the rest of your ingredients until well combined. Sprinkle the chocolate chips over the top.


4.) Microwave your “batter” for 1 minute and 40 seconds. If you are using a deeper dish or mug, microwave for about 2 minutes.


5.) Let the cakes cool for a minute or so (or just dive in if you’re feeling risky) then eat plain, or top with whipped cream, ice cream, or whatever you like!


No Mess Mug Cake (Total Time: 5 minutes, Makes: 2 servings)

This recipe came to me one night after a hard workout when I was craving chocolate and peanut butter, (this is pretty much every night for me) and wanted something more filling than a piece of chocolate. Of course I didn’t want to have to wash any dishes either, so this seemed like a fairly promising idea. I was super pleased that this recipe turned out, it’s since become a regular dessert for me. This is a very minimalist recipe. You don’t need much time, many ingredients, an oven, and you won’t have to do any dishes! The peanut butter chocolate flavor of these cakes is tailored to my taste, but I’ve also tried other variations that work such as vanilla chocolate chip. (Just omit the cocoa powder and add some vanilla extract instead.) These cakes have no refined sugar (except for in the chocolate chips), and are also vegan and gluten free. If you have a nut allergy, this recipe will still work without the peanut butter. If you’re a fan of slightly gooey, warm brownies, this recipe is for you!


1 ripe banana

2 tbsp peanut butter (or any nut butter)

4 tbsp almond flour (any flour works)

1 tbsp cocoa powder

A pinch of cinnamon

10-12 chocolate chips

*These amounts make two servings, each ramekin/mug will have 1/2 of the required ingredients


1: Cut your banana in half and mash each half in each ramekin/mug.

2: Mix 1 tbsp peanut butter, 2 tbsp almond flour, 1/2 tbsp cocoa powder, and a sprinkle of cinnamon into each ramekin/mug.

3: Top each ramekin/mug with the chocolate chips, then place in the microwave for 1 minute and 40 seconds at the minimum. If you’re dishes are deep, place them in for about 2 minutes.

4: Be careful, the mugs will be hot! Let them cool for a minute or so, then top with whatever you’d like and enjoy!




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